What is a Maker Faire? Hackerspace? Attend Maker Faire Today, June 8th

Maker Faires are a fun festival of music, technology, craftspeople, artists and engineers. Not your ordinary event — you can get yourself scanned in 3D, see how 3D printers work, learn about electronics, watch blacksmiths forge things, see robots, observe people making jewelry, watch a screen printer, and more. Kids can  make origami with expert folder Professor Gurkewitz, make a tablet stylus, make music with Guitar Center, build things with Home Depot, and more.

We have three bands during the day and blues musician Roberto Morbioli in the evening. We have excellent food from the best trucks and caterers in Danbury.

There are going to be more than 100 Maker Faires around the world this year, and we’re excited to be bringing this event to Danbury. The two biggest Maker Faires have 100,000 and 55,000 attendees!

We’ll also have five hackerspaces from around Connecticut, including the team from the Danbury Hackerspace at the Innovation Center that will open in August at the Library. Hackerspaces are shared workspaces where people learn about technology, teach classes, and build and make things. Hackerspaces are spreading around the world — there are more than 1,000 and the numbers are growing quickly.

Come down to the Maker Faire today and for $10 (the price of a movie ticket), you’ll see amazing things and have a lot of fun.


One response to “What is a Maker Faire? Hackerspace? Attend Maker Faire Today, June 8th

  1. Where is the faire? What’s the address?

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